CrowdWork – Hiring Platform

Project Information

  • Position: Business Analyst
  • Time: Dec 2021 – Present
  • Team size: 32
  • Domains: Hiring Platform · Website · Mobile Application



Project Description

CrowdWork is a hiring platform that aims to create a strong community of freelancers worldwide. Regardless of time and distance, CrowdWork offers jobs in many fields, such as data input, data processing, data collection for machine learning, and artificial intelligence…


Key Responsibilities

  • Manage and monitoring requirements traceability. Work closely with stakeholders to identify impacts to business processes as a result of system or application changes.
  • Lead the product requirement implementation, ensure the increments are delivered correctly and effectively with validation and verification.
  • Assist on project scope, estimation, planning, requirement sign off and project change request.
  • Working with the team to ensure that deadlines, goals.


Extra Information

In this project, I’m like a Product Owner and responsible for developing support features for the recruiting team to apply to the current recruitment process on the CrowdWork system. Besides, I also analyze the system to connect with other related systems such as the eKYC system, budget management, courses, and task management, …

Some of the features I am mainly responsible for in this project include Electronic Contracts, Achievements, Recruitment Process, Skills, Payments, Affiliate, Interview Management, Contributor Management, and Wiki. I’m also the feature developer to checks personal tax codes through identity cards.

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